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Anonymous said: A+ on the post you wrote about the 1950s and the fat acceptance movement. I enjoyed reading it. FA's need to stop feeding people false and possibly dangerous information about obesity.

Thank you! I’m surprised that such an old post is going through a rebirth. haha

Anonymous said: Hi there, as someone who *has* lost a high amount of weight (from 195 to 130), I think it's important to note that it's a bit of a simplistic and medically-nonviable argument to equate fat with serious mental and physical illness and thinness with health. Both can be true, but neither can be true as well. I think your article, which is interesting and well-researched and written otherwise, would be stronger if you didn't end it by moralizing about health in such a clichéd, generalizing way.

First, thanks for the message!

The reason I ended that article the way I did is that people tend to want to blame overweight and obese people for their weight without taking into consideration the toxic food environment that we live in. Yes a person is ultimately responsible for what he or she puts into his or her body. But at the same time I live in the United States where nutrient deficient, processed foods are cheaper than whole foods. Companies spend millions researching and creating ingredients to make us literally addicted to the worst foods possible. Sure, I have some junk food occasionally; I get a craving for Pringles now and then, for example. But more and more people only eat foods that come out of boxes, cans, or drive-thrus.

Don’t you find it strange that the “Freshman 15” is now a trend? I went to a private university which boasted a very large cafeteria with several stations. The catch was that although there was a variety of food, the quality was compromised. Canned vegetables, powdered potatoes, frozen meat patties, powdered gravy, etc. The only thing you could safely say was fresh was the salad bar. Now I know people will be thinking, “food is expensive , there are so many students, they don’t have time to make fresh food!” When I did my study abroad in South Korea at a university with a larger student body and equal tuition I had fresh food every day. I saw a woman with a pile of potato peelings literally three feet high! The rice was made fresh daily in huge vats three feet across with a man stirring it with a paddle. Dumplings were made by hand in large quantities. Instead of one huge cafeteria there were three or four smaller ones which each specialized in different things. Instead of a flat rate each meal was priced based on how expensive it was to make fresh (but it wasn’t outrageous, maybe $2-4 a meal). There is no such thing as “Freshman 15” in Korea. In fact, it’s not until Korean students come to American universities that they put on a significant amount of weight. So it is absolutely possible to make fresh food for a large number of people.

So those are just two reasons why I think overweight and obese people are not entirely to blame for their health. It is so easy to gain weight here if you have a metabolism that permits it. So yes, it might be a cliché to say that we value a quick fix over slow and steady hard work but it still holds true.

Also, I never said being thin automatically meant being healthy so not sure where you’re getting that from. As for the physical and mental issues, an excess (or shortage) amount of fat is always going to be unhealthy. Let’s take the physical side first. Two people can have the same eating habits and exercise routine, but the one with too much fat is always going to be unhealthier. Fat is not just dead weight; it is a living thing that affects all sorts of chemicals in the body.

And there is also the fact that people do not become obese by having a healthy lifestyle. Ever. You can get thin by unhealthy means, you can also be obese and change your habits to something healthier, but people never become obese by being healthy. Which is why dramatic weight gain is a red flag for doctors to look for underlying causes or help you to change your habits.  

 I’m not going to go on about it because frankly if you honestly think excess fat is healthy I’m not going to change your mind with one tumblr post. As for the mental side, this has two parts. If you look at HAES advocates and supporters on their site, an unusually high number of people confess to having disordered eating habits in their early years. Eating disorders are a mental issue.They simply swap extreme calorie restriction with fancy sounding plans like “intuitive eating.” Intuitive eating is the theory that your body knows what it needs, with no input from your brain. It’s amazing how many HAES bodies “intuitively” need cake and fast food. One girl I know put on so much weight from intuitive eating that it’s hard for her to do basic functions like stand up. She’s 24.

In addition there are people in the movement who are hell-bent on denying that obesity causes any health issues. This is Thin Privilege moderators and followers in particular are happy to create a movement where thin people are called “scum,” “shitstains,” and told to “fuck off and die.” When you have posts saying how sexual assault is a privilege, that is a mental problem. When you have posts saying that thin people do not get bullied or abused, that is a mental health problem. They have dehumanized this imaginary “thin person” to the point where she is immune from basic human emotions like hurt, embarrassment, vulnerability, or insecurity. But of course that’s what makes them feel better. Creating their own boogey man who is completely inhuman so that she is easier to hate. That is a mental issue.

Why do you think that one of the three moderators of TITP Fat Body Politics did not promote that particular tumblr in her CNN interview or article? She mentioned her other ones.

 Because if people just read her main tumblr or blog they will pity her, “oh, poor fat girl getting so much hate mail,” but if they read TITP they will see that she is actually a part of a site that is equally disgusting in its hatred of fat or thin people who challenge them. She’s such a blatant hypocrite; I can’t believe she had the gall to call out “trolls” and play the victim.

So I think that addressed all of your concerns. Thanks for the message!

multi-axislaserchicken said: I just have to ask, about that article you wrote about HAES/TiTP and the 1950s, how much goddamn hate mail did you get for that? It must have been ridiculous.

Actually I haven’t gotten any hate mail for anything! It was kind of weird. I guess my stuff just doesn’t show up in the tags. ^^

A short documentary featuring Americans who don Lolita fashion. ^_^

On learning algebra


Some people find it difficult to learn algebra, so they don’t bother. Some can pick it up quickly, so they do. Some of the ones who struggle learn it anyway, because it’s important. No matter how much people say “algebra doesn’t matter”, it does, and it will mature your mathematical mind for the…

And some people can’t learn math. It’s a disability called dyscalculia.

You can’t tell from looking at a person whether they have mastered algebra, or if not, why not. It has nothing to do with laziness or lack of trying. And even people who haven’t attempted don’t owe it to you to master algebra. Maybe they weren’t ready for it when their school decided they had to be. Maybe it’s just not a priority in their lives. Maybe they used to do it when they were in school but never had a single reason to remember it.

Mod response: Well, yes. Apparently I should have said this in my original response, and I was just too busy snarking. Sorry, folks. -MG


Oh look, how typical of TITP, getting rid of the original ask and evidence of them calling a perfectly polite responder a ‘f*****’ among other things.

That’s fine if you don’t want to learn algebra. But don’t try to bring other people down with you by saying learning algebra is impossible.

 Because you never really tried to learn algebra, did you? You didn’t study consistently every day, or ask the teacher for help. You didn’t get extra reading material from the library or look online for additional resources. You didn’t join a study group or create one if a group was unavailable. And you certainly didn’t spend time every weekend doing extra problems on your own.

No, what you did was waste your time and then tried to do your homework at the last minute. You tried shortcuts. You punished yourself with algebra instead of learning it in a mentally healthy way. You got a bad grade on your pop quiz and demonized the teacher, saying she was out to get you. Instead of learning each lesson until you were confident, you tried to get by on the bare minimum. You grew to hate algebra. You didn’t pay attention in class or even ask questions when you didn’t understand something. You got angry at the guidance counselor when he warned you that you wouldn’t graduate if you failed algebra. You self-diagnosed yourself with dyscalculia as a way to excuse your bad grades. You took caffeine pills and drank soda to keep yourself awake instead of eating breakfast. You crammed for exams instead of organizing your time more efficiently. And when the pressure was really on from your parents, you tried sneaking a cheat-sheet into the classroom. And after you failed algebra, you were so angry at the teacher, your parents, and yourself that you declared learning algebra impossible. And when you said you tried to learn algebra, they asked you why you did it in such a chaotic manner. Why did you try learning algebra in the unhealthiest way possible?

But it was already too late. You demonized anyone who saw the value of learning and using algebra. You couldn’t stand people who talked about algebra within hearing range, let alone people who actually wanted to learn other kinds of math. You cried oppression when good universities wouldn’t accept your below average math score. The struggle to improve the United States’ math scores became in your mind a personal attack. It didn’t matter if other countries were now passing the US in test scores; you argued that Americans were just naturally bad at algebra, that we had always been bad at algebra. You told other people that math camps were equivalent to Japanese internment camps. You appropriated the PTSD term ‘trigger,’ and a very serious and debilitating mental and emotional response became for you the annoyance you felt when you saw a fraction on television or the sadness you felt when your coworker talked about her old algebra teacher.  Anyone who disagreed with you was a ‘fucker’ or a ‘privileged shitstain.’

 You acted as if the world wanted you to be an algebra genius, when all it ever asked of you was to learn the basics so that you could function and succeed in society.

(Wonder how long my reblog will last until the note is removed)

Norwegian soccer player's wife criticized for post birth body


Tell me again how thin shaming doesn’t exist.

I’m not going to argue that this woman has a privileged lifestyle - she can dedicate herself to fitness knowing full well that all her necessities are well provided for. And she has great genetics - her baby bump was tiny.

However, that dumb broad that basically told Soccer Mom she has no right to show off her beautiful body because she feels ashamed of herself for not measuring up to her and pulled the idiotic “this is why young girls get eating disorders” card… yeah. Aabel needs to grow up and act like a 32 year old woman already. It seems that it’s okay to be proud of your body and be beautiful and post a hundred nude pics as long as you do not fit in the conventional standards of beauty. This is ridiculous. Should I tell people who’re more intelligent than me to not post pictures of their engineering or math or whatever degrees because I feel ashamed of not being a good student? Should I tell girls with green eyes to wear sunglasses 24/7 so I don’t feel sad I was born with dull brown eyes? 

Soccer mom doesn’t need to give any motherfucking reasons to display her own body to anyone. If mom blogger doesn’t like it, she can close the tab and move on. SM wasn’t shoving the picture right under her nose and calling her names. If Aabel is so embarrassed of her own body, she should put down the McDonald’s burgers, start eating clean, training hard and working on her own insecurities. Everyone has insecurities, and most of us deal with them privately without demanding others coddle us like little babies until we stop hurting, for fuck’s sake. Can’t guarantee Aabel could look like Soccer Mom, but perhaps she’ll learn something about discipline and loving your body by taking care of it instead of having to tear down others to make yourself feel good. I know I did.

A short documentary about one of Japan’s fashion subcultures: shironuri. I love her particular style because it’s simply so beautiful, almost like a form of avant garde to me. She just creates a total fantasy with her clothing that you can’t help but look at!

Too Skinny, Too Tall, Too Voluptuous, Too Short... not for Bellydancing!

"Politeness has become so rare that people mistake it for flirtation."


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